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such primitive demands,  my thoughts manipulate.    my mind is not my friend,  conjures, hallucinates.     voices keep calling me, my hungry ghost awaits.   drown yourself in the stream,  just give in. lose yourself in the dream,  just surrender.   ride the lightning   surf the tsunami of debris  we’ll live forever upload to god machine  zombie disco,   every dancer for themselves.  zombie techno, we all go down.  slip from consciousness (*the medium is sedative)  disassociate (*neutralizes all dissent)   (c’mon pretty baby yeah we’re all gonna die tonight!)   at the zombie disco,   its every dancer for themselves.  zombie techno, we all stay down.  dance, undead!  …c’mon pretty baby yeah we’re all gonna die tonight! 
nighttime questions swirl in circles, uncertain.  tomorrow… break the spell,  or just continue the performance? 
 halfway conscious, choose comfort over conscience myopic,  simpler to get by on optics, unobstructed. 
 we all bend to authority.  until we don’t, we won’t have nice things.  
 leave it to the experts  who have your best interests in their minds  and never look behind the curtain, and don’t you dare breach your obedience.  casual monsters,  cool as they throw you under the bus,  then sleep like babies,  and treat for dinner, ‘cause it’s just business nothing personal. we all bend to authority.  until we don’t, we won’t have nice things.  
MORRIS 02:42
I’m not convinced it’s not a dream I’m not convinced that its a phase drift sedated, glide through the aftermath we’re dining out on innocence, we’re cashing in on artifice. death interferes with your hair and master plans. please release me from meaning! (feed control machine) my silent movie. fictitious memories I’ll live today tomorrow, corrupted sunset reverie. I can’t decide on ghost or flesh (feed control machine) ..just stay under the bed. (feed control machine) free me from my mind! free me from myself! you’ll never see my private face, mutable in bloodless sunlight.
mother Is the sea  child is humanity  father is the mountain  let me speak your true name. 
 earth is our true government overthrow the old order  earth is our economy dawning of the great turning  we are one.  Moon, Sun, Air, Fire.  muse, run, care, fight!   this is the mind!  fight until your last breath,  fight until the last day!  ride! 
turncoat robots co-opt  consciousness static connection  power down factory reset!  pop music subterfuge, a Machiavellian trick.   its just the soundtrack to our shared unconsciousness! fat cats, black hats, resignation.   blank clouds, autocrats.  rainbow pinwheels of death!  this song is truer than me, communique from future selves.  my teacher, not my friend, It’s function is to offend. we’ll flee the spectacle forgot all earthly skills  with no electric glow  we’ll revert to animal  are we playing a game? If we are, I forgot the rules.  I’m afraid you’re going to have to start from the beginning.  in 300,000 years we’ll meet for coffee.   what were they thinking!?! we’ll have a laugh.  force quit!  
futures,  dreamers,  lies.  go on,  find another way.  pain,  you’re still alive.   don’t walk away,  stand your ground and fight! life depends on it.  breathe  guide your hand back  lose your miniature plan  come home again back into the fold  ok with getting old  forget about the why  hold your heart and cry  broken,  but this time it stays open  this time  my broken heart stays broken this time  my broken heart  stays open we won't let you  kill the whole earth! we’re all just passengers  a divine mistake  complicated apes  floating through space  civilizations fall,  initiation calls.  will the Earth ever forgive us?  hear the one true truth.  this time  my broken heart stays broken,  this time my broken heart  stays open civilizations die.  hold your heart, and cry.  stand your ground, and fight!
pool party in an endless summer,  ..baby baby ‘fraid the joke, is on you.  you thought America would last forever,  but the chickens  are coming home to roost  sorry, it’s true. (*brings us to our next point)  the entire concept of God  loses all meaning when the air becomes too toxic to breathe  its not so deep. (just admit I’m right)  ..so wipe that smirking smile off of your smug mug,   ‘cause baby baby you’re not nearly embarrassed enough.  or is your conscience broke?!  (yup!)  Dionysus, on the edge of abyss  but clear your calendar…for Nemesis, she’s on deck  (at least that’s Cassandra’s take)  we’re ALL gonna die one day,  unless we learn to eat plastic, and to breathe methane, its bye bye!  not alright!   check your animal face,  the answers’ not out in space.  its incomprehensibly amazing  you were even born at all!  ..we were even born at all!  last chance!  don’t screw your children!  you’re the extinction rebellion!  don’t doom your children!  join the extinction rebellion! 
I don’t know what’s gonna happen to you, baby but I do know that I love ya you walk around this town with your head all up in the sky and I do know that I want ya well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground you tease me with your loving to play hard to get cause you do know that I want ya I need to do just something to get closer to your soul and you do know that I want ya well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground well let's dance, well let's shout shake it over! funky mover! get down! well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground well let's dance, well let's shout shake your body down to the ground
how closely do you really want to look? how deeply do you really want to know? bluster cools, in neutered dead ends, safely corralled into a holding pen. (*we’ll let you know when you become a threat.) passively erotic violence white hat courtiers and sycophants (no, you’re the man!) there’s spin at the heart of the story + you are not the “exception”. we are the sea, we are the trees, we are the sky. ..absent this simple recognition, our entire existence is based on a symphony of denial. we appear to have confused participating in a democracy, with masturbating (on Instagram). because scholarship and nuance are not as sexy, now anything can mean anything! P.T.S.D! shut down. in late capitalist free fall, in a kaleidoscope of tailspins (we’re going down!) if morality is circumstantial, ..what constitutes a burning building? and if you threaten to take away their ice cream, the U.S. will bomb you back to Stone Age (without even flinching) what are we gonna do?? (*but more importantly) …how do I look, and when are we gonna eat?? P.T.S.D! shock! bulls on parade!


Zombie Techno by NETHERLANDS is a musical document of the anthropocene that dissects and critiques mankind’s devolution via its addiction to technology, the scourge of capitalism, and the plague of distraction. As the Earth’s ecosystem morphs into proverbial white blood cells tasked with ridding itself of the virus of humanity, NETHERLANDS look on in anger, grief...as well as with the last fumes of hope they can muster... and submit a turbulent, psychedelic jaunt through various sonic biomes. Zombie Techno is an album that sounds like the musical version of a life flashing before one’s eyes in the moments before death, a sonic apocalypse rendered in an onslaught of primal, visceral drumming, churning synth bass, guitars that oscillate between bludgeoning sludge sledgehammers and searing deathrays of shred, and the occasionally droll, but generally acidic caterwauling polemics of a man actively disassembling the machine of extinction as it consumes us all. Despite the lofty concepts and heavy premise of the album, it carries its formidable weight with the agility and anger of a punk band, the dynamics and melodic intrigue of a prog-rock opus, and a larger-than-life intensity that is as compelling as it is deeply and genuinely terrifying. This is an album that supplies new information with each repeated listen and a rare example of a record that begs to be blasted at masochistic volume as much as it deserves to be afforded the intimacy of headphones. Zombie Techno provides an intersection for high art altruism and low brow intensity that shirks genre restriction and lazy consumption, and is an antidote for the predictability and trends of heavy music in 2020.


released June 26, 2020


all rights reserved



NETHERLANDS Brooklyn, New York

formed by Timo Ellis in 2010 (now with drummer David Keith) NETHERLANDS magic lies in the contrasts it sets up: falsetto vocals, odd time signatures, and haunting hooks transform their monstrous power into weirdly delicious and dynamic songs. The overall effect is not unlike that of Swans and Dio playing simultaneously, atop an actual mountain of MDMA. ... more

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